C.P. Lesley interviewed me on New Books in Historical Fiction. Here’s the link:

Charlene Ball, “Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer” (She Writes Press, 2017)


I will be on a panel at the Decatur Book Festival on Saturday, Sept. 2, at 10:00 am in the Auditorium of the Marriott with Jim Diedrick. Jim and I will be talking about our books, both about early women writers. Come and hear us, and buy our books from Charis Books and More, who will be selling them there!


If you read and enjoyed DARK LADY, I invite you to visit Amazon.com and/or Goodreads and give it a brief review.

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Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32445649-dark-lady


DARK LADY is now available wherever books are sold. Charis Books and More have it. Here is their link:


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Here is a link to my guest blog post on Nicole Evelina’s blog:

What Inspired Me to Write Dark Lady? A Guest Post By Charlene Ball

The Nervous Breakdown published a self-interview with me, along with an excerpt from DARK LADY. Here’s the link:

Charlene Ball: The TNB Self-Interview


Below are a few quotes from reviews:

“…this isn’t a book about court intrigue so much as the simpler human desire for self-expression, and the limits placed upon that. Accompanied by an engaging cast of secondary characters, Emilia is brought to appealingly vivid life and the book teems with the sights, sounds and scents of Tudor England….it’s a well-written, engaging read and some of the prose is so beautifully crafted that you get a truly sensory appreciation for the setting.”—The Idle Woman

Dark Lady: Charlene Ball


“A glimpse of Shakespeare’s world thru those that knew him best and before his fame. Charlene Ball brings Emilia to life and our attention.” — Nikbooklover’s blog

Review: Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer


“Ball has done painstaking research but has also presented us with a pleasantly readable book. Her characters are vividly painted and leave us wishing to spend more time in the remarkable Emilia’s company.” — Tamara Benson, Manhattan Book Review.

Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer


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Other writing projects:

Libby Ware and I have almost completed our bibliomystery, MURDER AT THE ESTATE SALE, about two women book dealers investigating the murder of a book thief, while also searching for a sixteenth-century book of magic spells. We plan for this mystery to be the first in a series.

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